hph_logoThe Health Promoting Hospitals Network (HPH Network) aims to improve health gain for patients, staff and communities. Consisting of more than 40 National / Regional Networks and individual hospitals and health services members, the International HPH Network totals more than 900 hospital and health service members all over the world. The Networks specific objectives are: to change the culture of hospital care towards interdisciplinary working, transparent decision-making and with active involvement of patients and partners; to evaluate health promotion activities in the health care setting and build an evidence base in this area; and to incorporate standards and indicators for health promotion in existing quality management systems at hospital and at national levels.




Clinical Health Promotion Journal:

Vol. 3(3) /Dec 2013: http://www.hphnet.org/attachments/article/2261/VOL3ISSUE3_32pp.pdf

Vol 3(2) / June 2013: http://www.hphnet.org/attachments/article/2261/Clinical%20Health%20Promotion%20Vol%203,%20Issue%202.pdf