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43rd SEEHN Plenary Meeting on  “COVID-19 Projections Across the SEE Region for the Winter Season: Current Status and Perspectives“

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H.E. Ms. Nevena Jovanovic, Ambassador of Republic of Serbia to the Republic of North Macedonia…

On 30 June 2021 a joint SEEHN and SECID meeting, dedicated to the “Management of…

Dr Mira Dasic, the head of the Secretariat of the South-Eastern Europe Health Network co-hosted…

Thank you to Nurses and Midwives Association of North Macedonia for the plaque and for…

SEEHN member states Covid-19 update

Albania – 132,337

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 204,093

Bulgaria – 418,813

Israel – 839,515

North Macedonia – 155,345

Republic of Moldova – 255,241

Montenegro – 99,652

Romania – 1,078,142

Serbia – 712,989