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The Ministry of Health; the National Agency of Public Health of the Republic of Moldova and the SEEHN are proud to welcome colleagues from across the SEE region to the highly anticipated meeting focused on the Medical Licensing and Registration System of Health Practitioners. 

This event will provide valuable insights on the Legal Framework and Related Experiences in the healthcare sector and will serve as a platform for participants to share best practices, discuss challenges, and foster collaboration in the field of health regulation.

“We are thrilled to host this important gathering and to provide a forum for meaningful discussions on improving our healthcare systems,” said a Dr Nicolae Jelamschi, Director of the National Agency of Public Health.

The meeting will feature expert speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions aimed at promoting knowledge exchange and networking opportunities among attendees. Key topics to be addressed include advancements in medical licensing, registration processes for health practitioners, and the importance of a robust legal framework in healthcare.

Dr Mira Jovanovski Dasic, Director of the SEEHN Secretariat highlighted that “one of the most significant challenges faced by SEEHN Member States is the brain drain of healthcare professionals, driven by the migration of talent to Western Europe in search of better opportunities. This exacerbates existing issues such as workforce shortages, disparities in healthcare access, and the need for continuous professional development. While other challenges include improving healthcare infrastructure and ensuring equitable access to services, addressing brain drain is critical. It requires strategic efforts to enhance working conditions, provide competitive incentives, and invest in the professional growth of healthcare workers to retain talent within the region.”

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