RHDC on Organ Donation and Transplant Medicine

(Zagreb, Croatia)

Since its inception in February 2011, the Regional Health Development Center on Organ Donation and Transplant Medicine aims to advance organ donation and transplantation by establishing, coordinating and supporting long-term cooperation within SEEHN countries and national health authorities. In that context, the RHDC facilitates the dissemination and exchange of good practices, knowledge, expertise and experiences.

The First Ministerial Conference on Organ Donation and Transplantation “Heart to the Region, Beating towards Self Sufficiency,” held in Zagreb, Croatia in June 2012, was followed by numerous workshops, trainings, meetings and expert missions which have significantly increased the donation and transplantation activity in the region. Furthermore, a new initiative on Paired Kidney Donation Program is on the horizon.

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Ms. Mirela Bušić, MD      


Ministry of Health

Ksaver 200a, Zagreb, Croatia

Tel.: +385 1 459 61 05

Mobile: +385 98 404946

E-mail: mirela.busic@miz.hr

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