On May 12 the South-Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) and the Regional Health Development Center (RHDC) for Nursing and Midwifery join the global community in celebrating International Nurses Day (IND).  

The slogan of this year’s celebration, “Our Nurses. Our Future”.  

Nurses are pivotal in shaping the healthcare future, especially in the aftermath of a devastating global pandemic and amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges.

The Economic Power of Care,” along with the IND report, offers a comprehensive analysis of the profound impact that advancing the nursing profession can have on transforming health care delivery, boosting economic growth, fostering peace, and enhancing societal well-being.

As we observe this day, it is crucial to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary dedication and commitment of nurses around the world.

SEEHN and its RHDC for Nursing and Midwifery are proud to announce that last year’s meeting of the SEEHN Member States led to the establishment of a dedicated RHDC for Nursing and Midwifery, hosted by the Order of Nurses and Midwives of Romania. We are pleased to reveal that the official launch of this center will take place this coming October in Romania. This initiative underscores a strong commitment to supporting the nursing profession and enhancing healthcare outcomes across the region.

We are also thrilled to acknowledge the strong leadership and significant contributions from the WHO Collaborative Center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing in Israel. This collaboration highlights the international efforts being made to elevate the nursing profession through enhanced leadership and governance.

Looking ahead, we are excited to command international collaborative efforts towards the second edition of the State of Nursing Report, set to be launched in 2025. This report will offer critical insights and data to shape global health policies and further the development of nursing and midwifery.

As we celebrate International Nurses Day, SEEHN and its RHDC remain dedicated to supporting the nursing network, empowering nurses to shape and lead the future of healthcare. We appreciate the vital role of care in economic terms and the essential contributions of nurses to a healthier world.

Let’s advance together towards a brighter, healthier future, driven by nurses, who persistently inspire and lead with bravery, empathy, and dedication.

About RHDC for Nursing and Midwifery

The Regional Health Development Center (RHDC) for Nursing and Midwifery works under the auspices of SEEHN and focuses on the advancement and development of nursing and midwifery practices across the member states.

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