Dr. Mira Dasic, the Director of SEEHN Secretariat had a meeting on 22 September in Podgorica with Dr Igor Galic, the Director of the Institute of Public Health Montenegro. The RHDC Acting Director, Dr. Milica Stanisic, also attended the Meeting.

Dr. Dasic explained the organizational structure of the Network, gave an overview of the ongoing and a short reflection on the planned activities and events. Also explained the role of the SEEHN Secretariat and emphasized its importance as the main engine for providing administrative and technical support to the Network’s activities.

The SEEHN Regional Health Development Centers (RHDCs) being the main vector of technical expertise were at the center of the discussion. An accent was placed on the work of the RHDC on Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), based in IPH Montenegro.

Dr. Galic expressed his gratitude for Dr Dasic’s visit, for the fruitful cooperation with the SEEHN Secretariat and the importance of the RHDCs functioning in the past as well as for the future. He suggested new possible joint actions and activities supported by the Secretariat, especially in the area of Cancer screening programs in the Network’s Member States and the region. He said that he is looking forward to continue the activities and to give full support to the RHDC on NCDs, hosted by the IPH MNE.

The interlocutors concluded that there is space for closer cooperation and agreed to continue searching for opportunities for the enhancement of the work of the Network and all other initiatives related to public health that might be of interest for the Region.

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