April 27, 2023

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On April, 27, 2023, Dr. Mira Dasic, Director of the SEEHN Secretariat, met with Dr. Fatmir Mexhiti, Minister of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia.
Minister Mexhiti has been briefed on the SEEHN governance, structure, its main roles and responsibilities, as well as the SEEHN interaction so far with North Macedonia as the host country of the SEEHN Secretariat.
Additionally, the discussions touched upon the current cooperation, the potential for improvement in recognized areas of Regional interest, and the planned projects in the upcoming period and on how to strengthen and enhance the work of the Regional Health Development Center on Public Health, hosted by North Macedonia.
The stakeholders recognized the necessity and importance of a strong SEEHN in the SEE region, through close partnership to ensure that the SEE region is better prepared for crises management. This will contribute to achieve better health, well-being and prosperity in the countries of the SEE region.

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