Health and Sustainable Development

Bold political choices for Agenda 2030

3-5 October, 2018

SEEHN delegation supported by European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) SEEHN Partner, had the honor and opportunity, to attend leading Forum discussions in the area of health policy in Europe.

This year the topic “Health and Sustainable Development” highlighted the importance of constantly developing healthcare systems in the EU countries.

SEEHN delegation represented by Dr Danijela Urosevic, SEEHN Chair of the Executive Committee, Assistant Minister, Sector of International Cooperation and European Integration, Ministry of Health (MOH) Republic of Serbia,  Dr. Angel Kunchev, SEEHN National Health Coordinator (NHC), Chief State Health Inspector, Bulgaria, Dr. Vladimir Milosev, SEEHN NHC, State Secretary, MOH, Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Antovic, SEEHN NHC and member of the SEEHN Executive Committee, Secretary General, MOH Montenegro, attended the Forum and the Capacity Building Workshop for Policy Makers.  For the first time EHFG as a partner organized a satellite event dedicated to the SEE Region and Priorities.

From the perspective of SEE countries, SEEHN delegates found comprehensive and interesting the sessions dedicated to the high level priorities for all countries, such as Vaccines for all, Setting priorities for public health, Workforce for the primary health care, Innovative medicines for the good of all, Improving cancer care, etc.

During all these sessions, including the Plenary, SEEHN delegates had opportunity to contribute, to exchange points of view with colleagues and experts all across Europe, and to discuss the next steps, that can be implemented in their national health systems.

Dr Tatiana Paduraru, SEEHN Technical Officer, participated among other 35 young professionals in a Hackathon – a new tool organized for the first time within EHFG. The hackathon aimed to identify innovative solutions to tackle misuse of alcohol within young populations.

At the EHFG Romania has been extensively represented at all levels, especially in presenting the forthcoming EU Presidency agenda. One topic on eHealth achievements and future plans was particularly covered by the Director a.I., National Health Insurance House, Dr. Razvan Vulcanescu, former SEEHN NHC and Member of the SEEHN Executive Board.

EHFG offered the opportunity to the SEEHN as an important regional public health actor, to foster dialogue among experts and to contribute to the future substantial improvements in all the member states.

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