14th JUNE

Every year, on 14 June, across the globe, we celebrate the World Blood Donor Day.  Its aim is to raise awareness on:

  • the need for unpaid and safe blood donations;
  • to praise and to thank regular blood donors; and
  • to encourage more people to give blood on a regular basis.

What is different this year from others in the past?

It seems the COVID-19 pandemic just increased the inequality gap and the access to free and safe blood.

Interesting facts

The human blood does not have a substitute and one donation can save three lives. Every couple of seconds someone around the world needs blood. Blood transfusions save millions of lives each year, both in emergency and non-emergency situations.

It needs to be highlighted that the services providing safe blood and blood products are an essential element of every health care system.

This year’s campaign

The World Blood Donor Day slogan is “Give blood and keep the world beating”. We are one click away one from each other; in this case, we are one beat of the heart away! The South Eastern Europe Health Network joins the celebration of the World Blood Donor Day. SEEHN stands for solidarity and universality in needs and access to safe blood and blood products. Join our cause and donate one heartbeat to someone in need!

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