Belgrade September 7th, 2017
Dr. Mira Jovanovski-Dašić, Head of the SEEHN Secretariat had a productive meeting with Academician Prof. Dr. Negoslav Ostojić, Executive Director of the European Center for Peace and Development University for Peace (ECPD) established by the United Nations.
ECPD is SEEHN Partner as of 2014.
This occasion was used for signing the Chisinau Pledge by the ECPD, as well as for discussions on strengthening and intensifying the collaboration between the ECPD and the SEEHN.
Dr. Dašić informed the Director and the members of the ECPD Secretariat about the SEEHN’s on-going and upcoming activities and plans for the strengthening and broadening of the network.
Academician Ostojić particularly emphasized the need and importance of regional networking and cooperation in the field of health and informed Dr. Dašić about international and regional activities and programs organized by the ECPD in this important area, especially in the SEE countries. Particular consideration was given to the possibility of more active cooperation and jointly organized educational programs in the field of health management, health economics, health diplomacy, promotion of reproductive health, prevention of dependency diseases and mass non-communicable diseases, etc. It has been agreed to include on the List of SEEHN experts some of the prominent experts of the ECPD.

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