The Country Day aims at improving WHO Europe’s interactions with and relevance for the member states of the South-Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN). It aims to build upon the ongoing collaboration and ensure a more coordinated approach to the existing opportunities. Objectives of the Day are also to highlight the issues faced by the sub-region and to discuss the provision of policy advice and targeted technical assistance that address the networks needs by fulfilling sub-regional as well as national commitments so to ensure the delivery of agreed results.

The Country Day is designed to provide a forum for in-depth discussion on the health issues and priorities of the sub-region, the importance of the network to the WHO as well as an analysis of the technical programs’ implementation in the selected priority technical areas. It will address previous successes and future opportunities on working in and with the SEEHN at both strategic and operational levels.

Organization and all preparatory work for the SEEHN Country Day are coordinated by the Strategic Relations with Countries unit (SRC) in the Regional Directors Office.

The Country day is open to all staff members and will specifically involve Divisional Directors, Program Managers and the SEEHN Co-Opted Member and founder of the SEEHN, Dr Maria Ruseva. Heads of WHO Offices will also be linked in to participate directly in the discussions by sharing their experiences with members of the SEEHN at country level, and to contribute to the discussion on future collaboration. The meeting will be held in a plenary session with presentations and round table discussion.

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