An open-access international peer-reviewed journal involving all areas of health sciences and public health in particular, the South Eastern European Journal of Public Health (SEEJPH) recently published a review paper titled “The South Eastern Europe Health Network: A model for regional collaboration in public health”.

Written by several key participants in the SEEHN operation, the article underlines the importance of inter-country alliances to the economic development and social progress in the past several decades through the example of the South Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) which has achieved tangible improvements in the regional governance for health.

Summarising the main accomplishments of the network and highlighting the keys to its success, the article follows the main milestones in network development, including its foundation under the Stability Pact’s Initiative for Social Cohesion and the three ministerial forums that have shaped its evolution, in order to show how it can constitute a model for regional collaboration in public health and thus provide several important lessons for public health leaders worldwide.

The entire article is available at the following link:


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