Over 50 participants’ health professionals from South East Europe Health Network (SEEHN) Member States, guests and EU experts, convened at a specialized workshop to compare, standardize, and enhance health data monitoring systems.
The Multi-Country TAIEX Workshop on NCDs’ population based registries in the SEEHN Member States (Western Balkans and beyond), is organized during 29-30 November 2023, in Podgorica, Montenegro.
The event aims to foster discussions on methodology, data quality control, and the establishment of registries. Participants will delve into the challenges and successes of SEEHN Member States both individually and as a regional network.
EC is supporting the SEEHN Member States (ALB, BIH, MNE, MKD, MDA, SRB) along with guests form Kosovo* and Turkiye through the TAIEX Multi Country Workshop on NCDs’ population based registries, prepared in collaboration with IPH MNE and the SEEHN RHDC on NCDs hosted by Montenegro.
Key themes of the workshop include the presentation of the current health data monitoring landscape in SEEHN Member States, sharing best practices from leading EU countries in developing and upgrading monitoring systems, particularly in the area of non-communicable diseases’ population-based registries. The agenda will also feature activities geared towards harmonizing monitoring systems across SEEHN Member States, aligning them with EU standards and fostering cohesion among the states.
The workshop is anticipated to serve as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative problem-solving, and the advancement of health data monitoring practices within the SEEHN region.

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