SKOPJE – The Transport Community Permanent Secretariat (TCT Secretariat), together with the European Commission, organises the TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) Regional Workshop on 112 and e-Call, on 21 and 22 February in Skopje, North Macedonia. This workshop fosters closer integration of emergency and communication services in the Western Balkans six and Observing Participants view to further integration with the European Union transport market and build up of the common regional market.

In alignment with the decisions of the Regional Steering Committee, the Commission’s services offered full support of advancing the implementation of the unique emergency number, 112, in the Western Balkans. This initiative builds upon previous projects in Montenegro and Albania, focusing on enhancing preparedness for accidents involving transport of dangerous goods.

The workshop aims to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, particularly with firefighters and emergency responders, emphasising the importance of cooperation across different administrative levels.

112 and e-Call systems play a key role in expediting emergency response not only in transport-related incidents but also in natural disasters and criminal activities, thereby constituting a vital investment in public safety.

The TCT Secretariat extends its sincere appreciation to the experts from EU Member States and international organisations for sharing their insights at this workshop. Dr. Fotios Fitsilis from the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Juha Suominen from the Emergency Response Agency 112 in Finland, Mr. Rafał Matuszkiewicz from the Fire University in Poland, and Andrej Fink from the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia, will offer their expertise on various aspects of emergency response.

Acknowledging the significance of international cooperation, we are grateful for the contributions of Dr. Mira Jovanovski Dašić from the South Eastern Europe Health Network and Ms. Cristina Lumbreras from the European Emergency Number Association.

We express heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Adrienn Kiraly, Director of Directorate Neighbourhood East and Institution Building, European Commission, and Mr. David Geer, Ambassador representing the Delegation of the European Union to North Macedonia, for their support.

With this TAIEX Regional Workshop on 112 and e-Call, we aspire to delineate a comprehensive “to-do list” at the TCT level and for each Regional Partner and Observing Participant, fostering a safer future for all.

Accessibility of 112 services, alike those in the EU, should be within reach for citizens of the Western Balkans, too. We extend our gratitude to all 100 experts from the Regional Partners, Observing Participants, and EU Member States for their dedication to this cause, as well as our colleagues from North Macedonia for their invaluable assistance in organising this event.

Credits to : Transport Community

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