The two-day policy dialogue brought together representatives of all nine Member States of the SEE Health Network as well as senior officials from the partner international organizations and the diplomatic corps. 

The meetings focused on coordinating the preparation of the Fifth Ministerial Forum and identifying the most important issues in the Region to be addressed, while taking into account the pressing health needs faced by individual Member States, as well as defining how to move forward and develop innovative ways to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The outlined policy directions will foster a new vision, embedded in the Belgrade Pledge, to be endorsed at the soon-approaching Ministerial Forum, to accelerate the engagement of SEEHN to bridge the health gap with the EU.

More specifically, the objectives were:

• take stock of SEEHN’s actions under the Serbian presidency in the first half of 2022;

• 21 years of SEEHN as a public health alliance that has contributed to peace and security in the region by building partnerships that promote health for all;

• discuss ways to build resilient health systems by strengthening mental health and human health resources;

• analyse the draft Belgrade Commitment and finalize preparations for the Fifth SEEHN Ministerial Forum to be held online later this month;

• review the actions of SEEHN RHDCs, regional expertise, as well as the research meeting for informed policy development;

• discuss ongoing SEEHN initiatives, partners, and new development avenues.

The SEEHN uses this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia for the support in the organization of the meeting and express gratitude to all participants for their valuable contribution to the event’s success.

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