Dr Mira Dasic, the head of the Secretariat of the South-Eastern Europe Health Network co-hosted the ToT COVID-19 Vaccine Training for Frontline Health Workers Closing ceremony that was held on the 29th of June in a virtual format.

More than120 participants ranging from health professionals to hospital administrators and policy-makers from 9 Member States of the Network completed the training process and were conferred certificates of attendance.

The participants extended their appreciation and congratulations for the excellent organization and content of the training and shared their hope to be involved to further initiatives of the SEEHN Network.

This initiative was launched back in the first quarter of this year by the SEEHN, in partnership with Project Hope and the Brown University to support the SEEHN Member States in their fight to contain the spread of the virus, to ensure better preparedness and to promote large-scale vaccination on evidence-based scientific grounds.

The specific aim of the training was to provide health workers involved in the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination with adequate knowledge and skills for a rapid, safe and efficient response.

The package consisted of 3 modules, which included lectures, quizzes, success stories and downloadable presentations with the available information.

The ToT COVID-19 Vaccine Training for Frontline Health Workers has shown itself to be an outstanding example of the huge commitment and mobilization efforts. The training roll-out within the SEEHN Member States, estimated at more than 1200 end beneficiaries, stands proof of the effectiveness of the  initiative.

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