The South Eastern Europe Health Network joins the global community to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, an annual event held on June 14 to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and to express gratitude to voluntary blood donors around the world.

This year’s theme, “Give Blood, Give Plasma, Share Life, Share Often,” emphasizes the critical role each individual can play in ensuring a robust and sustainable supply of blood and plasma.

Blood transfusion plays a vital role in modern healthcare, supporting a wide range of medical procedures, including surgery, childbirth and the treatment of various diseases and injuries.

However, access to safe and adequate blood remains a significant challenge in many parts of the world. The global COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this problem, leading to a drop in blood donations due to restrictions and fears associated with the virus.

World Blood Donor Day serves as a platform to acknowledge and recognize the selfless contributions of blood donors, who are true heroes in the ongoing fight against life-threatening conditions and emergencies. Their donation of blood not only saves lives, but also improves the health and well-being of countless people in need.

On this occasion, the South Eastern European Health Network wishes to express its gratitude to all blood donors who have contributed to our mission to save lives and improve health. Their unwavering commitment and generosity continue to make a profound difference in our communities.

In addition to recognizing the contributions of blood donors, World Blood Donor Day also aims to raise awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products. It emphasizes the importance of screening and testing donated blood to ensure its safety and reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. The SEEHN encourage its Member States to remain committed to improving blood donation systems, supporting safe and voluntary blood donations, and fostering a culture of donation. Mobilizing support for individuals to consider becoming regular blood donors is of utmost importance as every donation counts. Together, we can ensure that no one faces unnecessary suffering or loss of life due to a lack of safe blood.

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