Seconds save lives – clean your hands!

5 May 2021

World Health Organization Hand Hygiene Day is celebrated on 5 of May. This year and in the light of the past pandemic year the importance of adequate handwashing has proved its importance both in our daily lives and in health care settings.

SEE Health Network (SEEHN) joins the World Hand Hygiene Campaing emphasizing the slogan that “Seconds save lives – clean your hands!”

This year ties with 2021 the Year of the Health care workers, focusing on the quality of care component and the crucial role of the healthcare workers keeping 5 moments for Hand Hygiene approach:

  1. before touching  a patient
  2. before clean/aseptic procedure
  3. after body fluid exposure risk
  4. after touching a patient
  5. after touching patient surroundings

SEEHN is flagging the importance of hand hygiene at the points of care and the special role of nurses and midwives in infection prevention and control, providing clean and safer care. SEEHN has channeled its efforts towards nurses and midwifes during the past year in particular. However, the momentum shall be perpetuated and bring the Governments on board with sustainable commitment and access to sanitizers. Empowering health care workers not only in practicing clean environment at every step but also by promoting and raising awareness in the general population on the most affordable and effective infection prevention technique the hand hygiene.

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