COVID-19 caused major disruption around the globe. Regrettably the most vulnerable are paying the heaviest toll.
This year WHO on World Health Day is pleading for a fairer and healthier world for everyone.
SEEHN is also striving for universal health coverage, with the aim to improve access to quality, affordable health care and to advocate for equal access to care, everywhere, without experiencing financial hardship.
The pandemic proved that no one is safe until everybody is safe. And even more without qualified and healthy staff there is no response.
Therefore, SEEHN sees of outmost importance to continue celebrating the Year of the Health Care Workers (HCW) on this World Health Day and to emphasize the importance and crucial role of HCW played in the health systems.
HCW are the ones that can ensure better access to the health services, closer to the patient, through better quality and in this way to improve equity and inclusiveness. Currently, during the pandemic nurses undertook an important role to roll-out the vaccination campaigns.
SEE Health Network strongly supports the investment in nursing and midwifery as an investment in Health for All and Leaving No One Behind!
Nurses from SEEHN member states expressed their VOICE on: What does it mean to be a nurse?
SEEHN express deepest gratitude to nurses and midwifes for the efforts to make our world healthier and safer every day!

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