The South-eastern Europe Health Network ( acting as a regional alliance for peace, health, well-being, development and prosperity in south east Europe is inviting all Member States’ representatives to spread the word and make a strong advocacy at national level for the World Health Worker Week, April 3-7 and join the Frontline Health Workers Coalition in calling on policymakers around the globe to Invest in Health Workers!

The SEEHN is urging all regional policymakers to continue to share our joint call to action in the weeks and months following World Health Worker Week, when finance and other ministers, as well as heads of state, gather at key high-level meetings. In order to keep the momentum toward policy change & investment for health workers, all SEEHN partners are invited to join the Fifth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, April 3-5 (

The SEEHN is sharing some top policy recommendations to promote the “Invest in health workers – for health for all” week:

  1. Allocate increased, dedicated funding for long-term health systems and health workforce;
  2. Train and employ new health workers and retain existing health workers to meet health needs;
  3. Ensure safe and decent work for all health workers, including women and community health workers;
  4. Safeguard a healthy environment for mental health of the health care workers and their general well-being;
  5. Integrate community health workers into national health systems and pay them fairly;
  6. Involve frontline health workers—including women, nurses, midwives, and community health workers—in health policymaking.

 “To achieve health for all, ensure an equitable response to health emergencies, improve gender equity, and more, finance ministers, other policymakers, and donors must make long-term investments in the global health workforce and enact gender-responsive policies to support and protect them” is the key message that the SEEHN is promoting for the World Health Worker Week in 2023!”

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