On 15 June 2023, Dr Mira Jovanovski Dasic SEEHN Secretariat Head had a meeting with Dr Rivka Hazan-Hozerf Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Leadership and Governance in Nursing -Israeli counterpart on strengthening nursing workforce in the SEE region.

The meeting focused on the upcoming course on the “Nursing Regulatory Standards | Empower Nursing Workforce.” The course will be carried out by the WHO Collaboration Center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing online. This program is specifically designed for nursing leadership on this critical subject.

The strategic objective aims to enhance the quality of care and elevate the professional aspect of nursing at the national level in every member state of the SEEHN.

The senior nurses from all SEEHN Member States will be participating in the innovative online course, “Nursing Regulatory Standards | Empower Nursing Workforce”. The course primarily consists of self-study modules and includes virtual meetings with instructors from the Nursing Division’s guidance department.

Its objective is to equip participants with the necessary skills to formulate professional regulations in nursing, from initial development to implementation, dissemination, and monitoring. SEEHN Secretariat expresses deep gratitude to the Israeli counterparts – the WHO Collaboration Center for Leadership and Governance in Nursing, that through this activity will strengthen the capacity of the nursing in the SEE region.

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