SEE Health Network joins the celebration of the European Immunization Week to highlight the crucial importance of vaccination in the modern world. Vaccination is a public good and it is a right and responsibility of every citizen and we all as society and communities can benefit from. This year the work of the nurses and midwifes, who are at the forefront of the vaccination points and are a trusted source of information on vaccination, is highlighted.

SEEHN Member States at national level show a wide variation in vaccination coverage and share common challenges that are similar to the rest of the European countries related to vaccination coverage, availability, quality of vaccines, etc.

In this context, SEEHN placed high on the agenda to strengthen immunization. Steady efforts have been channeled over the last 3 years in partnership with WHO EURO and the SEEHN RHDC on Communicable Diseases hosted by Albania – SECID.

Governments within the South-eastern Europe Health Ministerial Meeting on Immunization, that took place in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 20 February 2018,endorsed a Statement of Intent that reiterated commitment to the European Vaccine Action Plan.

Furthermore, over the last couple of years SEEHN received comprehensive guidance from WHO EURO and SEEHN RHDC SECID over a series of Regional meetings on the development of a regional roadmap providing a foundation upon which joint action, partnership and collaboration can be strengthened and scaled-up to tackle shared immunization programme challenges.

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