The 2018 World Health Day was celebrated or observed in Romania through activities organized by the county Public Health Directorates throughout the country.  Information related to the theme of World Health Day, “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.”, was promoted through information materials, meetings and press releases.  Under the slogan “Health for All”, the information highlighted the importance of access to essential health services for all, regardless of the economic or social status, age or residence.  Coordination of the campaign was ensured by the National Institute for Public Health.

To mark the 2018 World Health Day and to promote its message, Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health and Miljana Grbic, Head of the WHO Office in Romania, visited the Community Medical Assistance Center in Gostinari, Giurgiu County.

“The community medical center we have seen is a successful recipe that we intend to promote and expand.  The way things work here shows that it can be done, if there is a collaboration with local authorities.  We need to provide medical services to isolated communities with poor populations, especially in localities where there are no family doctors.  A mapping is in progress to identify the needs for community-based health services across the country. “Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health, said.

“Universal coverage of health services is a simple idea: it means that all people can use quality health services where and when they need it, without getting impoverished because they paid for the treatment they needed.  This is one of the fundamental human rights.”, said Miljana Grbic, Head of the WHO Office in Romania.

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