The South Eastern Europe Health Network (SEEHN) Member States and partner countries representatives gathered in Trieste to gain a first-hand experience in developing community mental health services and occupational health through integration practices.

In her opening address Dr Dasic director of the SEEHN Secretariat highlighted that the SEEHN Secretariat has been working very hard in the past year to be able to deliver as many activities as possible beneficial to its member states. One of them was to arrange a study visit on mental health to Trieste for mental health experts from South Eastern Europe. .

Under the leadership of Dr Dasic, the SEEHN Secretariat organized this study visit, as the Trieste model is acknowledged academically in the world. It was a multi-stakeholder partnership between the SEEHN Secretariat, the Central European Initiative, and the Secretariat of WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health, Trieste, Italy.

The mental health experts engaged into vivid discussions about the challenges, progress, and policies that shape mental health services in the SEE region versus the Trieste history and progress up to today’s success.

The specific objective of this project was to strengthen the capacities of the experts and decision-making level in SEEHN Member States by acknowledging the best practices in community mental healthcare and by drawing applicable models to the specific SEE Region in the local and community prospective.

As the mental health is a vital aspect of our overall well-being, the South Eastern Europe Health Network remains committed to supporting countries in this transformative process. Bosnia and Herzegovina, regionally being the champion for the last two decades in the mental health reforms, remains devoted to lead it while holding the SEEHN Presidency.

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