During the workshop the discussions will be focused on the challenges as: health promotion and prevention throughout life-course, workforce shortages, aging population, patient commitment to treatment and continuity of care and high quality and cost-effective care and services, working in shifts and working hours.

SEEHN Member States and Turkey participants will be introduced with the EU experience and in particular, Directive 2003/88/EC and Directive 2000/34/EC, lessons learned and policy options for nursing; the role of competent authorities and professional organizations in the legislation adjustment on working time and nursing and the implications for the SEEHN member states.

The expected outcome of the technical meeting is to identify common challenges, threats for health and safety of nurses in the SEE region and to propose a set of recommendations with clear commitments on how to harmonize with the EU requirements with the ultimate goal to unlock nurses’ potential and empower them to excel within the Health Systems.

This TAIEX event is supported by the EC with joint effort of the SEEHN Secretariat, the technical expertise of the SEEHN  Regional Health Development Center (RHDC) in Human Resources in Health, hosted by Republic of Modlova and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova.

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