SEEHN Representation at the Meeting

9-10 May 2019, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Under European Council Mandate Romania is holding a Meeting on Vaccination: From Public Health Achievements to Challenges and Obstacles, in Cluj-Napoca.

The meeting is an excellent opportunity for common discussions, exchange of information and data sharing, with variety of stakeholders as government representatives, academia, UN Agencies, WHO, EC, ECDC, etc., since, decrease of vaccination coverage over years and re-emergence of vaccine preventable diseases has become a global, regional and national challenge.

Vaccine hesitance is identified as one of the most important reasons for decrease in vaccination coverage and this topic needs to be tackled in a complex and comprehensive way, at all levels and translated into language everyone understands.

Tailored Immunization programs are one of the solutions proposed by WHO.

SEEHN is promoting alliances and partnerships by connecting countries, as another solution, at the SEE Regional level.

It is evident that national authorities need support in order to best address vaccination issues to keep its population safe.

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