Skopje, 17 March 2022 – The SEEHN Regional Health Development Centers (RHDCs) are the main vector of technical expertise within SEEHN. Fostering collaboration at the regional level is crucial to strengthening the inter-country collaboration as this enhances the exchange of information and most importantly the interchange of best practices.

Dr. Mira Dasic, the Director of SEEHN Secretariat had a meeting with Dr. Milica Stanisic, Director, RHDC on Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Montenegro, and Dr. Igor Spiroski, Professor of Hygiene of Food and Nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine, Republic of North Macedonia.

The discussions focused around the priority areas of interventions to reduce the NCDs risk factors, in particular, the children nutrition and obesity. At the center of the debate were the recommendations from the SEE Health Network “Round Table on Reduction of Childhood Malnutrition and Control of Marketing of Unhealthy Food and Beverages Impact”, held on 25 February 2020 in Podgorica, Montenegro. With the overall objective to reduce childhood malnutrition, the interlocutors shall continue working on proposals for activities whose main priority is fighting obesity. Enabling healthy lifestyle choices from the early age among children is key to preventing obesity and other related diseases.

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